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IMPORTANT:  Before contacting us, read through the recommendations listed below.

Plumbing and Toilet Issues
If your toilet or drains have clogged, you can usually resolve these problems on your own. Follow the steps below:

Toilet Clogs
Use a plunger to push anything stuck in the pipes through the system. Push the plunger up and down repeatedly and avoid flushing the toilet, as this could flood the bathroom. Continue this process as necessary until the problem resolves itself.  Most toilets are now “low flow” using less water.  Please refrain from placing feminine products and/or paper towels in toilets.

If your sink or bathtub drain isn’t draining properly, you can purchase a drain cleaner in most hardware stores. This will flush any debris stuck in the drain out. If you try to use chemicals to dissolve the blockage, avoid any caustic products, as these could damage the pipes.

Power Outages
Power outages have many potential causes. Bad weather could be at fault or there could be a problem with your account. It’s usually best to call your utility provider directly to troubleshoot the problem.

No Hot Water?
The hot water for your home is produced by your water heater. Check the tank settings to see whether the tank is in vacation mode or whether the temperature controls are too low.  Most tanks have a reset button.  Try resetting.

HVAC Problems
If your heating or air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working properly, check the settings on your home’s central thermostat. You can also cycle the system on and off to see whether it resolves the problem.  Please note, in extreme heat the unit can only reduce the inside temperature by approximately 20 degrees.

Emergency Maintenance Issue?
If you’re having a maintenance emergency, call us directly. In a dangerous situation where you feel your personal safety may be at risk, call 911 for first responders.

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  • Urgent/Emergency Requests: Call us directly. 706.755.0402. In the event you feel your safety may be of concern or at risk, please vacate premises and call 911 for first responders.
  • All non-urgent requests will be addressed upon receipt of online request. In the event repair appointment is missed or needs to be rescheduled, please notify us via online portal here.
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